In light of the conclusion of the 2011 RSA Conference, Streaming Media‘s Tim Siglin has written an article about a topic that was discussed hotly there: the security concerns involved with using smartphones (and other devices) on an enterprise network.

Winn has something to say about that! Representing Mobile Active Defense as the company’s chairman, he offered a bit of insight.

The multi-level approach is also shared by Mobile Active Defense (MAD), which hosted the 2011 Mobile Security Symposium at the RSA conference along with AT&T, Symantec, and several other companies.

“We hosted this conference to address a few critical elements in mobile device security,” said Winn Schwartau, MAD’s chairman “including geo-location-based firewall and content filtering for mobile devices.”

The concept of geo-location-based firewalls and content filtering is a new twist in the world of enterprise mobile devices, allowing for multiple firewalls on a per-device, per-location basis. MAD’s technology recently won a 2011 Best Practices Award from Frost and Sullivan for product innovation in the North American market.

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