In the video above, Winn sits down to give a special presentation with Max Dalziel for his Hacker Hotshots web series. Winn shares his thoughts on the need for a focus on skills amidst the hiring crisis currently faced by the DHS (30,000 InfoSec jobs need filling at the DHS), and Max asks great questions afterward. Here’s a couple tidbits:

We need to get politically incorrect, because being nice is hurting us. Now, I’m not saying necessarily be rude; but if you’re a geek, there’s a form of rudeness. Geeks are kind of contentious. That’s how things get done. That’s how smart people learn from each other, by being contentious and by being politically incorrect. Being nice all the time doesn’t get the job done.

We need to be able to embrace autism. … Good geeks have Asperger’s to some extent, whether it’s over here or over here somewhere on that spectrum all the way over to incommunicative. All good geeks have an aspect of this, and we need to be able to embrace all of those issues psychological differences between us. … Fair enough. Those are back to the skill sets, not what the government is saying and corporations are saying, “You must have a degree and you must be able to fit into this box.”

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