I really like hanging with smart people who can teach & edumecate me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oslo allowed me that luxury.

Suhail, the organizer of HackCon (@hackcon) and his wife (both on the right of the pix) put together an awesome lineup of security folks – and I actually attended every English talk – and LEARNED! Original thoughts and ideas by some, now I am proud and honored to say, friends.

We hung, we argued, we used napkins, yelled (as Americans do when they are having a quiet public discussion), drank beer and enjoyed the incredible hospitality of our hosts who went out of their ways to make us feel at home. Which we did. Consistently.

10 Time Zones of travel and then getting into the thick of it was a bit tiring… but my wife joined me (and the whole gang) for the wonderful evenings… she got to rest while we were ‘conning’. (Not THAT conning… sheesh!)

The city is gorgeous, the people more than friendly – and my only regret is that since I brought my ski gear, the weather was not accommodating. ๐Ÿ™ Maybe next time. I only hope that the audience got as much as out of HackCon as I did.

I suggest you look at Ben’s review of HackCon, too! http://ben0xa.com/hackcon-hackers-in-norway/

Thanks again to all of the Oslo Gang!