Time-Based Security Explained

Winn Schwartau’s article on Time-Based Security (TBS) seeks to correct the mistakes made by the security industry to help companies achieve goals and protect corporate assets.

“As security practitioners, we need answers. We need tools to do our jobs. We need models to achieve our goals. We need these tools and models to protect our corporate assets. To date, however, the security industry has been unable to provide much more than products and a wing and a prayer to accomplish this.”
– Winn Schwartau

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Time-based security explained: Provable security models and formulas for the practitioner and vendor.

Winn Schwartau is the COO of The Security Experts, Inc., (www. securityexperts.com) which offers security consulting and strategic gaming, and the Director of lnfowar.Com (www.infowar.com). The book Time Based Security, on which this paper is based is published by Interpact Press, Semmole, California, US; $25, ISBN 0-9628700-4-8. He wrote the book, Information Warfare, its second edition, and hundreds of articles on the subject. He runs InfoWarCon on two continents and makes over 200 public appearances per year. He can be reached at either of those sites or 813.393.6600.

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  2. Time-based authentication is a standard procedure to get access to a machine, especially a working position with a computer and the functions of this computer within a certain span of time. Such granted access may be automatically terminated.

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