With thousands of credits to his name, Winn Schwartau writes on security, information warfare, privacy, culture and how they all fit together.

Pearl Harbor Dot Com

Winn’s “Pearl Harbor Dot Com” (Just watch Bruce Willis in Die Hard IV and see where the movie came from!) is a compelling fictional story about a Cyberterrorist attack on the United States. It is based upon his prophetic 1991 novel, “Terminal Compromise”.

Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway

His first non-fiction book, “Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway“(1993, 1994, 1996, 1997) developed the concepts and taxonomies of Information Warfare and Cyberterrorism. This book brought previously classified ideas into the public domain. He called for the creation of a National Information Policy, a Constitution in Cyberspace and an Electronic Bill of Rights. The sequel, “Information Warfare: Cyberterrorism, Second Edition,” was released in hardcover then paperback in 1997/1998.


Winn’s hit “Cybershock” (2000, 2001) is a non-technical look at hackers, hacking, and how important security is to families, companies and nations. It is meant for the average computer user or for organizations to help make their staffs aware of security concerns in the workplace.

Time Based Securit

The principles he developed in “Time Based Security,” (1999, 2001) have redefined how security is measured and employs means to quantify network protection, detection and reaction processes. These new principles of security are being rapidly expanded to encompass all three elements of the new security triad: people, physical and cyber.

He was a contributor to all three of AFCEA’s Cyberwar Books (Ethical Conundra of Information Warfare, Something Other Than War, and The Carbon Unit as Target) and several international works on CyberWar and Espionage. “The Complete Internet Business Toolkit” (1996) is one of the first books to ever be banned from export out of the United States.

His other popular writings include “CyberChrist Meets Lady Luck” and “CyberChrist Bites the Big Apple,” “The Toaster Rebellion of ‘08”, “Firewalls 101” (DPI Press), Information Warfare, (Schaffer/Poeschel, Germany), “Introduction to Internet Security” (DGI/ MecklerMedia), and chapters for Internet and Internetworking Security Handbook (Auerbach).


He is currently working on several book projects, including updated editions for Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids (retitled Cyber Safety and Ethics and Stuff) and  Time Based Security (retitled Analogue Network Security), both of which will be more highly illustrated.

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