The Security Awareness Company (SAC) is a boutique, founded in 1990 by Winn Schwartau. SAC caters to customers who demand the best in security awareness, maintaining a more than 95% customer retention rate by providing the highest quality, personalized security awareness services you can get anywhere, at prices that won’t break your budget!

SAC is passionate about security, privacy, and internet safety, which is echoed in everything they produce. Their global clients range in size from 100 – 100,000+, all of whom have access to their complete inventory of off-the-shelf, branded, and custom awareness materials.

Mobile Active Defense, Inc. (M@D) is a software development company with over 100 years combined experience in security hardware and software product design and development, marketing, sales and support. Their mission is to create innovative, high quality and easy to use security solutions for smartphones, pads and tablets.

Winn Schwartau is the Chairman Emeritus. As a world-renowned author, lecturer, and information security architect, he brings to M@D’s management team a lifetime of achievement and notoriety that few senior executives can ever hope to match.

Founded by Winn, InfowarCon was first held in 1994, and ran from that time to 2010 across the United States and Europe. It brought together military, private sector and law enforcement under the meme: “we are all in this together.”

For 2014, it was made clear that IWC should be revived and returned to its original cutting edge nature for four compelling reasons: a severe lag between the West and its adversaries in cyber warfare, weaponization of advanced technologies backed by economic interest, the fact that new technologies are almost always used against us in the end, and the consistent need to fully understand modes of attack in order to properly defend against them.

After a successful conference and reception in January of 2014, it was made even clearer that IWC should continue in future years. It will be held again April 28-30, 2015.