Helping Kids Learn About Cyber Safety

Watch this video to find out more about how we can help the next generation surf the web safely! In it, Winn joins other professionals to engage in a discussion on teaching kids about safety on the ‘net. The panel, led by Max Dalziel, was originally streamed live via Google Hangout.

DHS’s GFIRST 2011 Closing Keynote Address

Winn Schwartau’s closing keynote at DHS’s GFIRST 2011 conference shocked a few thinkers, rattled some pre-conceived notions, and offered unique perspective and insight! The things that scare the living IT out of Winn include our reliance on tech, cyberwar 4g, our failure to profile, and much more. Watch the whole presentation above!

Security Awareness 101 Day

Hire Winn to come in and do a full day of live training with your staff! SA101 Days can cover any number of topics including Passwords, Incident Reporting, Governance, Company Policy, NonTechnical Security Awareness, ID Theft and more.