Hack in Paris – CFP

by Erin Osborne
10th Anniversary!
Come on Down!
We’re Open For Business! 
   And what better place than Paris… with old friends, new friends and awesome content. (Not to mention the wines and food…) 
   I’ve had the honor to attend and Emcee at Hack in Paris for 10 years. I love Hack in Paris. One of the best cons anywhere. Seriously. It’s geeky. It’s smart. It’s challenging. 
   PLUS: A whole lot of new folks from both sides of the Pond you may not know. 
I ALWAYS learn a whole lot of new something and Paris is, of course, magical. 
   So, please take a moment and submit your expertise for a talk, demo or full-on training course.
AND: Just as an added inducement, we also put on Hacker Jeopardy on Thursday!

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