InfowarCon Archive Project

by Erin Osborne
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February 6, 2022

You are receiving this communication as you have participated in a past InfowarCon in the past thirty years.

Please excuse our ‘popping in’ unannounced. Please feel free to unsubscribe at the bottom of this email if you are inclined not to participate in this project.




Remember back to the early days of Infowar… we had InfowarCon!

During that decade (1994 – 2003) InfowarCon was a pinnacle of incredible innovation, novel thinking, and most importantly, getting generals and the military, hackers, enterprise security professionals, and law enforcement from 40+ countries – all in one room – talking to and with each other. It was a magical era.

Today, I could argue that true originality in Infowar and cybersecurity has gone by the wayside – for too many reasons.

The InfowarCon Archive is our effort to preserve and archive that amazing decade and perhaps help reignite a mental spark to get people thinking again.

For this, we will need cooperation from everyone who attended, participated in, spoke at, or was somehow involved with InfowarCon in the USA, UK, and Belgium – almost 30 years ago through the early 2000s.

How can you help? We are looking for your tucked-away memories:

1. Hard copy of anything InfowarCon.

A. Brochures, proceedings, email blasts, marketing.

B. In short, Any PDF/DOC/ZIP electronic anything InfowarCon

1. Any pictures? I know we didn’t have a lot of cameras… but it would be awesome to have photos and/or videos of whatever we did back then.

A. Please add captions or short stories to give folks a feel for the era.

B. Same thing on video (if any exist… no iPhones.)

1. All InfowarCon submissions, talks, suggestions for events, accepted or not.

A. Discussions of content/submissions over email

B. PPTs/PDF/ZIPs/Emails of any submission of threads

1. Notes you made or still have from any talks, debates, conversations, etc.
2. Your thoughts on special moments to help make the archives personal and time-contextualized.

A. Evening/Hallway memories

B. Write up short bits?

C. Do a short video… or more, of notable things and memories from InfowarCon.

1. The parties and international incidents. There were quite a few.

A. Maybe Winn will start them and let you all comment. But bring on your own, please!

B. The Australian Consulate and the Russian spy/piano player, Marriott lawyers, and a walloping Hurricane.

C. The London Times headlines after a 2AM bar convo… eavesdropped on, of course.

The InfowarCon Archive will be open source to anyone, so please, if your submissions contain personal or private info, Sanitize it. All content submitted will be given proper attribution; if you want anonymity, just make it clear.

If you know someone who may have fallen off the radar, (our contact list is almost 20 years old,) please help us ‘Get The Band Back Together’ with a re-introduction and/or contact info. That would mean a lot to us and to the Project.

Further, if you’d like to help out with a short Zoom talk with Winn, we are also considering making a documentary on InfowarCon – and that means we need you!

Anything else we haven’t considered… bring it up!

The InfowarCon Archive will be hosted at

Both Betty and I are committed to making this happen.

Betty O’Hearn will be the POC: 727-409-1754

If you need me: Winn@WinnSchwartau.Com 727-393-6600.

So, please look at your personal archives and forward the documents.

This is our history.

Betty & Winn

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