The genesis of my Metanoia

by Tanya O'Kelly

About 18 months into the Metawar Thesis, I realized that I was writing about something completely different than what I thought I was writing about. That catharsis occurred while lecturing in San Francisco, New Orleans, Amsterdam, Utrecht, and London.

As I talked with several hundred people, and got their input, questions, and insightful commentary, I could sense the internal shift taking place within both my body and mind. Over the course of less than a week, I had to reformulate metawar and refocus its presentation as I became increasingly aware the metawar thesis was not just about technology. The metawar thesis was unintentionally exposing what it means to be a sentient carbon-based being; what we call a human.

And so much more.

The genesis of metawar was definitely embroiled with a narrow tech-only view. As the thesis evolved, it became clear that the successful and benevolent synergy of carbon-based and silicon-based technologies required what Buckminster Fuller called tensegrity: a balancing push and pull between tension and compression. In the metaverse.

Writing this book has fundamentally changed me, my view of the world I perceive, and my view of the universe I do not see. While the silicon technology of the metaverse develops, I expect the unexpected; disruptive unpredictable manifestations of carbon-silicon synergy and how it affects what we call reality.


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