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Time, Broken Stuff, Engineering, Systems, My Audio Career, and Other Musings on Six Decades of Thinking About it All

    Growing up an engineer has given me an opportunity to look at the world – and security – from a different perspective.
 I tend to think about security using Time, Probability, and Analogue-ness. Over time, I will continue to populate my security archives and the InfowarCon archives, a repository  with lots of community input.
 The hope is to get you to think outside of your comfort zone. 
Stick with me.

BONUS: BCP LIVE with Winn Schwartau

Thanks to Sayers and Bar Code Live for the opportunity to share with their audience.    This Sayers sponsored event included amazing BBQ, refreshing drinks, and a prime networking opportunity with fellow industry professionals. Those in attendance also witnessed a...

Metawar: The Thesis

Reality is only a Keystroke Away Metawar is the art and science of distorting realities by creating believable artificial immersive simulations in the metaverse. We have watched social media and deepfake technologies become the speartip of the current forms of metawar...



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