Analogue Network Security

Analogue Network Security: Time, Broken Stuff, Engineering, Systems, My Audio Career, and Other Musings on Six Decades of Thinking About it All

This groundbreaking work challenges conventional cybersecurity thinking by fusing analog and digital security concepts. It provides a fresh perspective on how to address security challenges in an ever-evolving digital landscape, earning its place as a notable and influential text in the field of cybersecurity.

The central premise of Analogue Network Security revolves around the idea that security in the digital realm could benefit from principles and techniques borrowed from the analog world. In essence, Schwartau proposes a hybrid approach to security that combines the best of both worlds.

One of the key features of the book is its introduction of a mathematical, time-based, and probabilistic approach to security. This approach aimed to provide a more comprehensive and adaptable framework for securing digital systems. By integrating analog thinking and methods, Winn Schwartau sought to create a more robust and versatile security strategy.

The book gained recognition and acclaim within the cybersecurity community, with Cyber Defense Magazine even bestowing upon it the title of “The Best Cybersecurity Book of All Time.” This accolade speaks to the book’s enduring relevance and the innovative ideas it introduced.

“What if security can be quantified? What if security can be measured? What if security vendors can be measurably compared? We can stop most phishing, spam, data exfiltration, DoS/DDoS, fake news and more. Can security be mathematically justified? What if we’ve just been looking at security in the wrong way? This book will show you how to do this and more. It’s all about getting rid of ‘0’s and ‘1’s and looking in-between, in the analogue realm that security professionals have ignored for 50+ years. Analogue Network Security is a completely new, provable suite of techniques to design cyber, human and physical systems with more security than you ever thought possible. Security requires a single, interdisciplinary metric for the cyber, physical, and human domains. Digital is not binary. Infinity is our enemy. I have a few ideas I’d like to share and hope you will tell me what you think.

Winn Schwartau
Winn Schwartau, Analogue Network Security, Ponemon Institute, illustration of his presentation

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