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Analogue Network Security

‘It is all about the Architecture. Analog … Network Security present. a wide variety of first principle, models, and frameworks that security architects, software engineers, and programmers should pay attention to. Analogue Network Security is a treasure trove of tools for improving the security of every system you encounter.”

Dennis Groves, Co-Founder of OWASP
Co-Founder of OWASP

“Winn’ ANS framework will really make you wonder why the rest of the security world hasn’t *already* structured itself around time-based security, feedback loop, and taking a probabilistic view of everything. Do yourself a favor and study il now.”

Clarence Ciao
Neuroscientist and Co-Author of Machine Learning & Security

“You don’t have to take my word for it, but if you do, you won’t be disappointed:  is book will melt your brain and reset your visions back to base. It is so hard, yet so terrifyingly simple. Yes, it can be a tough ride, but if you get it, you’ll feel reborn. So study this, visualize this, and map it to all you thought you knew, and prepare to be utterly surprised!”

Edwin van Andel
aka@yafsec, Grumpy Old Hacker and CEO @Zerocopter

“Another Winner! Winn again addresses fundamental misimpressions the cyber-security community has by contributing to the future of the field in unexpected ways.”

Dr. Fred Cohen

“As Winn is quick to point out, we’ve had 50+ years to work out the kinks in the digital world that surrounds us, however, we’ve managed to do nothing more than tie ourselves in ever-increasingly complex knots from which we know no escape. I put it to you that this book is the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch that our industry needs.  e chapters DO need to be approached carefully as there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience that takes time to absorb. I’d keep a pencil and paper close as well as your favorite Whiskey to help ease the WTF moments that you will surely go through. Winn has masterfully managed to take a series of complex ideas and boil them into something we can ALL use. Enjoy.”

Chris Roberts
Co-Founder, HillbillyHitSquad.com

“This book will make you rethink your security strategy, make you ask fundamental questions, and force you to re-evaluate your beliefs. You can always disagree with Winn’s conclusions, but the book will improve your results.” (ALT-QUOTE: “Read the f****** book, and form your own opinion. I did.”)

Spencer Wilcox
Executive Director Technology and Security, PNM Resources, Inc.

“Binary is just dumbed down analogue. Winn explains, and you learn.”

Gregory Carpenter
Ret. Military Officer & Chief of Security Testing, Titania Solutions Group

“Winn continues to challenge the security industry. If you’re looking for a new perspective on security, read this book! It’s provocative – you’re going to rethink some of your preconceived notions about security.”

Tim McCreight
 President/Owner, Risk Rebels

“Analogue Network Security is a refreshing look at how we begin to measure dynamic cyber technical debt and the negative externalities injected by standards groups, product companies, and decisions of managing computing devices in a connected world composed of people and nations with evil designs on your data.”

Joe Klein
CISSP, Lead Computer Scientist at [REDACTED]

“This is a new book by Winn Schwartau – the first in I don’t know how many years – with each of his previous ones being decades ahead of their time. I mean, why on earth wouldn’t you want to buy it and read it?”

Eric Green
Security Strategist, CyberadAPT

“A few decades ago I came across a thin paperback with the intriguing title Time-Based Security. It contained some ideas that the IT security world was not ready for at the time, but are now implemented from monitoring systems to SOCs and more. Now Winn is back with an even more concise description and I can only wonder when our industry will be ready to implement those ideas as well.”

Hans “Quux” Van de Looy
Unicorn Security

“Winn Schwartau once again challenges the status quo in his latest book, Analogue Network Security.  is book explores the fundamentals of network security, from its inception to current day implementation, which is clearly ineffective and needs to be rethought from the ground up. Schwartau argues that analogue methods can deliver meaningful metrics leading to stronger and better-managed security controls, which ultimately raises the economic cost to adversaries and reduces cybersecurity risk in an increasingly connected world.”

Dr. John D. Johnson
CEO/Founder, Aligned Security

“ is is truly a book. I believe that Winn has put a lot of words into this book. He has also put in punctuation marks. I couldn’t put it down.  at may be because my copy had glue on it. Exercise caution — he is a prankster.”

Professor Eugene H. Spafford
Purdue University CERIAS

Analogue Network Security

Time, Broken Stuff, Engineering, Systems, My Audio Career, and Other Musings on Six Decades of Thinking About it All

“From Analogue Network Security, © Winn Schwartau2018”

“From Analogue Network Security, © Winn Schwartau2018”

“From Analogue Network Security, © Winn Schwartau2018”

“From Analogue Network Security, © Winn Schwartau2018”

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