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Dutch Cyber Warfare Community (DCWC) Roundtable XXVI


Metawar: The Battle for Reality in the Metaverse

THIS EVENT WILL BE IN ENGLISH Metawar is the art of applying science to create alternate immersive realities; the goal is to make the metaverse indistinguishable from our ‘default’ reality; the one we have been born into. As technology evolves to the all-immersive metapoint from which there may well be no escape, metawarriors of widely differing ilks will master the art and science of metawar to control the individual and populations at large. The metaverse is the most powerful reality distortion machine ever conceived. With metawar, the attack surfaces are not just silicon-based networks. Metawarriors target living carbon bio-chemical systems and the highly malleable, imperfect probabilistic nature of the human sensory systems and the mind. Networks, nonetheless. Our ‘beliefs’ and sense of reality are determined by two things: The inputs to our sensory organs and the internal sum of our beliefs, experiences, and memories. Learn how human sensory systems work, etc.




Bernhardkazerne Barchman Wuytierslaan


Dutch Cyber Warfare Community
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