RSA Conference 2023

Moscone Center San Francisco, CA, United States

Let’s Join Forces at RSAC 2023! We couldn’t be more excited about the RSAC 2023 theme: Stronger Together. In the cybersecurity industry, no one goes it alone. Instead, we build on each other’s diverse knowledge to create the next breakthrough—exchanging ideas, sharing our success stories, and bravely examining our failures. RSA Conference 2023. Stronger Together.  

Dutch Cyber Warfare Community (DCWC) Roundtable XXVI

Bernhardkazerne Barchman Wuytierslaan

Metawar: The Battle for Reality in the Metaverse THIS EVENT WILL BE IN ENGLISH Metawar is the art of applying science to create alternate immersive realities; the goal is to make the metaverse indistinguishable from our ‘default’ reality; the one we have been born into. As technology evolves to the all-immersive metapoint from which there […]

ISACA NL Chapter’s Round Table ‘Security, Privacy, & Policy in the Metaverse’ with Winn Schwartau

Van der Valk Utrecht

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PHYSICAL EVENT Winn Schwartau begins this brand-new talk with an overview of silicon- and carbon-based technologies that create our sense of reality. (The PivB session on May 9th will be much more technically in-depth.) With the metaverse, the hybridization of persistent immersive experiences merges human neuroscience and computer networks. We […]