Winn Schwartau, an entertaining and engaging public speaker, is an important figure in the realm of information security, infrastructure protection, and electronic privacy. His groundbreaking work spans many decades, including a wide array of books and publications, at least two companies and a conference.

With hundreds of credits to his name, his articles and often controversial editorial pieces have appeared in Wired, NY Times, Information Week, Network World, ComputerWorld, Network Security, St. Petersburg Times, Internet World, Virus Bulletin, Security Management, Infoworld, PC Week, etc. He has been profiled in magazines and newspapers around the world.

As an acknowledged global expert in the field of information security, Mr. Schwartau has testified before Congress, advised committees and has consulted as an expert witness. He appears regularly TV shows such as Larry King, Nightline, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, Australian TV, as well as hundreds of radio shows nationwide. He has been featured on dozens of documentaries including the Discovery Channel, A&E, History, BBC, CBC, Encounters, Now It Can Be Told among others.

"Security expert and author Winn Schwartau's insightful and provocative thesis concerning what he calls "metawar" is certain to spark a discussion that many should get involved in. As we enter the age of 'spatial computing', fueled through AI, the ethical, socio-political and logistical considerations will impact the lives of many. Schwartau is making sure we think about these things sooner, rather than later."
Michael Masucci
Director, EZTV Museum
Winn Schwartau accepts the Uber Contributor award at DefCon in 2023
Winn accepts the Uber Contributor award at DefCon in 2023
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Winn is a popular and entertaining keynote speaker, encouraging active participation from his audiences. He loves to dialogue, especially with those who disagree with his hot takes. His interactive presentation style always keeps his audiences awake, combined with thought provoking insights and commentary.

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