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The InfowarCon Archive Project

January 2022 Dear InfowarCon Friends and Colleagues, Betty (MsInfowar) and I Hope your Holidays were safe and wonderful!  Remember back to the early days of Infowar… we had InfowarCon!  During that decade (1994 - 2003) InfowarCon was a pinnacle of incredible...

Time Based Security Fundamentals

Since 1996, after that incredible evening in a Warsaw bar and lots of napkins, I firmly believe that time-based security is key to our industry's future. Have a read... it's about 10 mins and the math is VERY light. 🙂     Download for offline reading   TBS Overview...

RSA Moved to June: I Found a Great Hotel Deal.

With RSA now in June... I immediately poked and found this deal. Hyatt. Waterfront. Balcony. A few blocks from the W. Don't know how many or how long before they realize... I booked mine! Happy Holidays!