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Cultural Toxicity in the Cybersecurity Industry

In 2007, my wife and I chose to rid our personal and professional lives of toxic people and companies. We ‘fired’ a couple of our large toxic clients and ~15% of other clients we considered toxic to our business and mental well-being, happily relinquishing income and also providing substantial refunds. For our sanity and karmic balance, it was the right thing to do; we chose to run business culture where decency reigned over money. Felt good, and we still relish the resulting peace.

Today, I am faced with a similar dilemma: Should I distance myself from EC Council and Hacker Halted because of what I and others perceive as their contribution to toxicity in cybersecurity?

ANS Voted Best Cybersecurity Book of ALL TIME! I just received this award from Cyber Defense Magazine, and I am bowled over. Seriously, humbled... AND SO PROUD of Kayley Melton and Mark Carney for their incredible contributions for their 4 years of...

BlackHat Presenter’s Overblown Crypto Claims Destroyed by Real Mathematics and Cryptographers

Note from Winn: The following is important work from Mark Carney, the math guy behind my latest book, Analogue Network Security. Grant et al. at BlackHat 2019 will present weak, and potentially fallacious claims about prime numbers in his talk at 1:20pm on Thursday,...